How to Clean and Care Your Bed?

Sometimes we try to be careful and not spill anything while eating or drinking in our beds in Auckland late at night or living our dream of being a hermit and staying in bed with no worries. But, since we’re human and accidents happen, we will spill things and sometimes the things we spill just
Through the long trials of finding a mattress and the money you invest in it, there is often a struggle that comes with saying goodbye. Though a mattress is designed to last for at most eight years, here are some ways that you can length your poor beds life expectancy just that little bit more.

Breaking in a New Mattress

Though a mattress can feel perfect when in store, just like shoes, it has to be broken in before it can bring you the ultimate comfort. Whats common between these two items is that they both take time to shape into each person’s specific body shape. Though this is claimed to only be achieved over
If you are looking at changing your old, tattered, out-of-fashion headboard, you can easily update to a trendy upholstered headboard by covering it with a new fabric of your choice or replacing with a new one. No matter how stressed you are about buying a new headboard or updating to a new fabric, here are
Not only can a headboard bring texture and that added bit of luxury into your bedroom, but it can also change the look of your room drastically. Your headboard should be the centre piece of your bedroom, calling for attention and taking the role of being the focal point of the entire design. If you
Though working from home in your bed is not something that is commonly approved of, studies have found that it can increase productivity. Researches have found that so many of us are prone to using our devices when we are most comfortable that it increases productivity. Which makes sense as most of us, if not
If you’ve been feeling back pain recently, a main reason could be coming from your mattress. When your mattress does not support your sleeping posture it puts a strain on muscles and does not aid in keeping the spine aligned, these are all important factors in which contribute to back pain. Not only does your

Get the Headboard Of Your Dreams

Best Beds has an excellent range of headboards to supplement any interior, from larger than usual upholstered headboards to make a style statement, to minimalistic metal outlines. Whether you are searching for form or capacity we have a fabulous collection to offer. An upholstered headboard is one of the most popular style of headboards around
The right bed will have you waking up feeling refreshed and ready to face a new day. It just improves your mood, your mornings and eventually the entire day as well! And sometimes, the thought of just lying on that bed after a particularly tiresome day can give you that little peace in the middle

Bed Shops with Beds That Define Luxury

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The most populous city in NZ, Auckland, has people of varied cultures, ethnicity and beliefs. The comforts and beauty the beautiful country has to offer is what brings and joins us all together. Well, what defines comfort the best? A good bed. A good night’s sleep rejuvenates you to face anything that life throws at