The right way to frame your bed head:

We pride ourselves in the quality and modern elegance of our signature headboards.

We specialize in customizing bed heads which are sold factory direct. We’ve been manufacturing beds and headboards for over 15 years, so we promise you your desired result, every time. Our specialized practice leaves little room for error, and plenty of room for getting the exact look that you want for your bedroom.


Customised headboards – just the way you like it!

With countless fabric options to weave your customised headboard to your liking, we guarantee a flexible and easy experience that allows you to furnish your bedroom and bed head in a way that reflects your unique style.

With each customisable headboard there is an option to choose from a number of fabric and leather swatches from our esteemed suppliers, Warwick Fabrics New Zealand. You’ll have a choice of various colours, styles, and textures, as well as stitching and pleating options to choose from towards the end of your selection.
On the other side of this easy and painless process, you’ll end up with a beautiful upholstered headboard that will last you a lifetime.

Mastering the art of Upholstery

A standard Best Beds headboard is 1200mm in height, but we have customizable heights available from 800mm. We’re happy to customize the look and shape of our headboards to suit your living space any way you like.
However, we don’t just stop there. With Best Beds Limited you also have the option to have your current headboard re-upholstered and looking completely transformed and brand new.

Best Beds headboards are made of a solid timber frame that’s covered in soft foam and tetron, giving the headboard an unbelievably soft and comfortable finish. Our headboards slip effortlessly into our bed bases, allowing for a simpler than ever installation. That means no more fumbling around with putting your furniture together!

We handcraft our upholstered headboards in NZ with materials that we source ourselves. We’re sure to provide value to the interior of your bedroom with our careful selection of these top quality materials. Best Beds NZ limited allows you to furnish and decorate your living space however you’d like - sit back as we design a bed head to suit your bedroom, just the way you want it.


Trusted name for headboards in Auckland, NZ

Headboards are our core business and we know them better than anyone. Over years and years of experience we’ve learned to guide our customers through the selection process to help them find their dream bed. It’s a simple and enjoyable journey, and one that Best Beds is happy to accompany you on.

There is no substitute for quality and experience, and our headboards are a perfect example of this. Fine craftsmanship and an eye for detail is what’s on offer at Best Beds NZ. You’ll be dealing with a reliable team that knows their stuff inside and out.

Our endeavour to expand Best Beds will soon have us supplying our products to various prominent retailers around New Zealand.

Visit our showroom in Auckland for some unbelievable deals and to get a better look at our customizable upholstered headboards.